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Support / Software Setup / IBIS Proxy / NS6

IBIS Proxy Server Setup Guide

Windows 95 / 98 / ME
Netscape 6 Web Browsers

Step 1:
select Preferences from the Edit menu of Netscape 6

Step 2:
in the Preferences window, under the Category list -
click on the arrow symbol next to Advanced
click on Proxies which appears under the Advanced category

Step 3:
still in the Preferences window, under Proxies -
check the radio button labelled Manual proxy configuration
in the text box labelled HTTP Proxy: enter:
in the next text box, labelled Port: enter: 8080
in the text box labelled No Proxy for: enter: *.bw
click on the OK button at the bottom of the Preferences window
your browser is now configured to use the IBIS Proxy Server

Problems? contact IBIS Technical Support for assistance:

e-mail   tel 318 444

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