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Tetris :) Monday 06 July 2015

>>>     ANNOUNCEMENTS   <<<
     Scam Email Claiming to be from Bytes Botswana   

Some of our customers have received an email Claiming to be from "Bytes Botswana Webmail" warning them that they will be having trouble sending and receiving mail and they "may lose all your information's " if they don't "Click the Link Below". These mails were sent from outside of our network and they are spam emails sent with malicious intent. The website linked-to is almost certainly hosting malware. Please do not click on the link - just delete the email. Spam emails like this are quite common and we would advise our customers not to click on links in emails especially from unknown sources.
Please see our status page for the latest information.
Please call our Service Desk on 391-8444 if you need further assistance or advice.
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