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Easy Setup Guides:
follow these easy visual guides to configure your Browser Proxy settings

click on the icon below for your browser version:

IBIS Proxy Setup for Internet Explorer 5 & 6 - Win 95/98/ME

IBIS Proxy Setup for Internet Explorer 4 - Win 95/98/ME

IBIS Proxy Setup for Internet Explorer 3 - Win 95/98/ME

IBIS Proxy Setup for Netscape 4 - Win 95/98/ME

IBIS Proxy Setup for Netscape 6 - Win 95/98/ME

Proxy Servers 101...

A Proxy Server is a computer at your ISP that stores a cache of the most popular web pages, recently accessed by our users (such as yourself) connecting to the Internet.

When you access a web page, the Proxy will look to see if it has a stored copy; if it has, the page will be sent to you directly, without having to be acccessed from it's original location on the Internet. You will receive the page faster because it comes from your local ISP and not from over the Internet.

If the page is not stored on the Proxy, it will be accessed by the Proxy Server from over the Internet and sent to you and the Proxy will now store a copy of the page. If another user accessed that same page soon after, it would be sent directly from the Proxy, faster than it could be normally accessed from the Internet.

The overall effect of using the IBIS Proxy Server will be a
significant increase in your browsing speed.

Easy DIY Setup Guide

Follow the easy visual guides to set up your browser to use the IBIS Proxy - at left, click on the icon for your browser version - or click on a browser below:

  IBIS Proxy setup - Internet Explorer 5.x & 6.x
  IBIS Proxy setup - Internet Explorer 4.x
  IBIS Proxy setup - Internet Explorer 3.x
  IBIS Proxy setup - Netscape Communicator 4.x
  IBIS Proxy setup - Netscape 6

If you are unsure which browser version you have, run the bowser and look for a menu item "About", usually in the Help menu. The guides cover all Internet Explorer versions from 3.0 to 5.5 and Netscape Navigator/Communicator versions 4.0 to 6.0

Note: if you're having any difficulties with the setup guide or run into problems please contact IBIS technical support for assistance:

IBIS Technical Support
tel 318 444

For those of you who know how, IBIS Proxy Server:

URL:   Port: 8080

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