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IBIS Services


ADSL Account:

Internet Access via BTC's ADSL service
Complimentary E-mail Account
Unlimited time online
Free personal Web Site Hosting - 2 MB
Free Technical Support
Setup & Installation
BTGDynDNS in support of VPNs etc (see below)
Free in-house courtesy Internet Access *
Free backup dial-in account for email access
1 month free promotion on Annual payments

Wireless Account:

Wireless Internet Access
Local connectivity independent of BTC infrastructure
Unlimited time online
Consistent Internet Bandwidth
Free Technical Support
Setup & Installation
Free in-house courtesy Internet Access *

Leased Lines:

64k, 128k, 256k, 512k point-to-point Digital Lines
64k - 512k Frame-relay Digital lines
Higher bandwidth connectivity available on request

Personal Internet Dial-In Account:

Dial-in Internet Access
E-mail Account - single user
Unlimited time online
Free personal Web Site Hosting - 2 MB
Free Technical Support
Setup & Installation
Free in-house courtesy Internet Access *
33% Discount on Annual payments

Business Internet Dial-In Account:

Dial-in Internet Access
E-mail Account
Linked E-mail available
100 hours online time / month
Free Technical Support
Setup & Installation
Free in-house courtesy Internet Access *
33% Discount on Annual payments

E-mail only Account:

E-mail Account - single user
Free Technical Support
Setup & Installation
Free in-house courtesy Internet Access *
33% Discount on Annual payments

Linked E-mail Account:

Additional E-mail accounts - up to 8
Setup & Installation
Requires Business Internet Dial-In Account
Free Technical Support

High Speed Digital Lines :

Supports 56K V90 Modems
Available to all dial-in subscribers
If you have a 56K modem conforming to the V90 protocol, you can dial in to our digital lines with the benefits of the highest analogue line dialup connection speed available.
ISDN dial-in accounts are also available - please call for details

Botswana Internet Exchange (BINX) Connectivity:

Local BINX connectivity is available to all customers connecting via our infrastructure


E-mail Post Office Account:

SMTP Post Office account for customers hosting their own mail servers
POP3 Post Office account for mail that resides on our servers
Domain translation Services for customers migrating domains or hosting multiple domains
Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam mail filtering
Free Technical Support
Free BTGDynDNS for SMTP Post Office Customers


DNS Hosting:

Bytes is the longest-established independant DNS hosting provider in Botswana.
We offer professional DNS hosting on redundant servers.
DNS migration support
Full range of records inc SPF, SRV, IPv6

BTGDynDNS - Managed Dynamic DNS:

Essential for reliable support for VPNs, Remote Desktop, SMTP etc over ADSL
Managed Service - BTG proactively notifies customers if connectivity is lost
Locally-based - immune to attacks on external DNS services
Locally-based - functions even when Telecoms international links are down
Reporting available to support forensic analysis of connectivity issues
Setup & Installation
Free Technical Support

Domain Registration:

Botswana Domain Registration - (
US Commercial Domain Registration - (
Free Domain name availabilty search

Virtual Domain Hosting:

Provides web site hosting under own domain -
Provides e-mail under your own domain -
Free Technical Support
33% Discount on Annual payments


Web Site Hosting:

Commercial Web Sites - up to 10 MB standard
Additional space available on request
May be hosted under your own Virtual Domain (see above)
Free Technical Support
Note: Personal Web Site Hosting is free with Personal Dial-In Account
33% Discount on Annual payments

Web Site Design:

Client Consultations, Proposals & Quotations
Design proofs & schematics
Web Site Structure, Navigation & Function design
Conversion of existing design materials & publications
Development of Web-based marketing campaigns
Integration with existing marketing campaigns
Design concepts - corporate identity, graphic elements, logos
Graphic Design, Page Layout
Digital Photography, Image Scanning, Photo Editing
Text conversions, input & formatting
HTML, DHTML, Java, Javascript, CSS, CGI, Perlscript
Database development & Web Integration
Online shopping sytems development
Testing, Uploading, Seach Engine Submissions

Web Advertising:

Advertisement Design- with proofs for approval
Low weekly Advertising Rate
Banner Ad. linked to Web Site or e-mail Address
Hit rate logs available
Discounts on long-term contracts


Intranet / Networks

IBIS can provide for the integration of Internet services into existing Intranets and Networks - details on request.
We also provide corporate firewall, anti-virus and intrusion detection services.



IBIS can, on request, provide a wide range of training -
Basic Internet concepts
E-mail Client Applications
Web Applications
Internet Management

Technical Support

Technical Support is available, free of charge to all IBIS customers - see the Support page for details. We may also be able to provide specialized fee-based support for a wide range of technical problems - call for details.


IBIS provides a full range of Internet & related services. For more detailed information and our rates, please contact us by phone or e-mail -

Tel: (+267) 365 6400

Fax: (+267) 391 8555


or visit us at our premises -

Plot 14399 Lobatse Road
Gaborone West

ADSL Access

Personal Internet Access

Business Internet Access

Multiple user accounts


Linked E-mail

BTG Managed Dynamic DNS

E-mail Post Office

Domain Registration

Domain Hosting

Web Site Hosting

Web Site Design

Web Site Maintenance

Web Advertising

Software Installations

Modem Installations

Leased Lines




Technical Support

* Courtesy Internet Access - use of Internet facilities at our premises - is available for IBIS customers only

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