The school has a computer lab fitted with 10 networked IBMs and 10 networked Apple Macs. The total computer population of the school is presently 27.


Part of the computer lab has been turned into a media room with video and sound editing facilities, desktop publishing, and fax, telephone, Email and internet connections.

Information Technology is infused into the other subjects in the school after the students have taken a basic Computer Awareness course and all teachers are computer literate.

Shakawe is given a 'remote' definition by the Government of Botswana but the communication facilities at the school bring the rest of Botswana and the outside world a lot closer.

Recently, a group of students from the school were chosen to take part in a MIT online forum, called Jr Summit, where young people from all over the world discussed the use of IT in education: applying Information Technology practically in this way along with research applications, E-conferencing and E-pals make this one of the most powerful educational mediums available.

Shakawe CJSS Computer Lab has a reputation for excellence. The former president of Botswana, Sir Ketumile Masire, visited the school to make his first Internet connection in 1998.

Form 1 Shakawe students practising the use of Word Processing



Running a computer lab in such a remote area is a challenging job as technical support is far away. During the rainy season, lightning is a constant hazard and even with double doors and no windows geckoes sometimes have to be evicted from the printers. For this reason CITs (Computer Integration Teachers) need to be technicians as well as teachers and here again, the internet proves to be a powerful source of support.


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