Students take 8 'core' subjects:



Social Studies




Moral Education

Guidance and Counselling

All subjects, except Setswana (the national language) are taught through the medium of English.

Students also choose 3 options from a choice of 6:

Design &Technology or Home Economics

Music or Business Studies

Art or Religious Education

All the subjects above (except Guidance and Counselling) are nationally examined in the Junior Certificate Examination (JCE).

Students also go through a basic Computer Awareness Programme.

Students spend 3 years at Junior Secondary School before proceeding to Senior Secondary School where they go through a 2 year programme leading to Cambridge Examinations.

Junior Secondary school is preceded by Primary School which follows a seven year programme leading to the Primary School Leaving Certificate.

The school also has many extra curricular clubs and sporting activities.

Clubs: Chess, Marimba, Traditional Dance, Current Affairs, Science, AIDS, Scripture Union, Boxing, Wildlife, Choir, Drama, Ballroom Dancing, Scouts, Debate.

Sports: Volleyball, Netball, Soccer, Softball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Athletics.