Shakawe Junior Secondary School is an average sized school of 341 students. The students ages are between 14 and 18. They are from different ethnic groups but most of them are Bambukushu: this is the most common tribe in the area, followed by Bayei, Bakalagadi and Herero.

The students like to swim but we don't have swimming as a sport so they swim in the river and are very good at swimming. Some used to swim in the river next to the school during lunch hour but they have been warned not to swim there as there are dangerous animals in the water - like crocodiles.

The students enjoy school very much and they participate well in lessons. Every morning we have an assembly where the deputy headmaster announces the negative and positive side of each classes behaviour from the previous day, this means that if your class didn't participate well they have to try very hard so that in the next assembly they can announce that you did a very good job. The students also behave very well - about 95% behave well and follow the school rules. Sometimes we make mistakes but generally we get on very well with our teachers and if there is a problem with a teacher, the students inform their class teacher so it can be solved. One bad thing that was happening but ended last year was the mistreatment of Form Ones but now we treat everyone well: as brothers and sisters. Also, if you lose something in the school you should be prepared to receive it as a 'lost and found' because the students are very honest. Even if someone makes a mistake and steals something, it will usually be returned. Once, Mr Holder had a compact disc stolen from the computer lab but he made an announcement at assembly and it was returned.

When it comes to sports the students feel very proud especially when they are hosting because they try hard to win every game they play. We are good at ball sports and even athletics - but ball sports are our best sports.

Students also enjoy entertainment on Saturday - video and discos are their favourite. We also enjoy the meals we have in school, especially on Thursday's - bread and tea in the morning and rice and chicken for lunch (these seem to be our favourite meals).