Shakarimba is the name of the marimba band at Shakawe CJSS. A marimba is a xylophone-type instrument with wooden keys and plastic or fibreglass resonators. The band has been in existence for about 2 and a half years now, and is slowly developing a good reputation for itself. For over a year now we have been playing concerts at various business establishments in Botswana to raise money for the band and other club activities in the school. We have also recorded 2 cassettes which we sell to the general public.

For the band members it has been very beneficial as it has opened the door to many unique experiences. One of the most memorable was being flown to the capital, Gaborone, by the Vice President, to participate in Independence Day celebrations. The boys played at the National Stadium along with two shows at the State House.

The three stars of the band were: Baitshepi Mwachisenge, Inajame Saudu and Baledi Keepile. They graduated in November, 1998, but the band has many good members coming up and we are continuing to perform.

The most interesting thing about the band is that most of the music they play during a performance is music they have written themselves. This, despite the fact that they did not have a music teacher and have never had any formal training in music. There will one day be a professional marimba band in Botswana, made up of ex-students of Shakawe CJSS.


Please contact us if you need more information on the band or if you
have any ideas on possible musical opportunities.