Shakawe Community Junior Secondary School (SCJSS) was established in January 1988 and at the time of its establishment it could have been described as the remotest in Botswana. In those days, fresh vegetables and poultry products were rare commodities. However, with the arrival of Mr Joseph Danquah, the school's Agriculture teacher in October 1988 and Mr Steven Harpt the Headmaster in December 1988, things began to change for the better in terms of agricultural production and environmental horticulture (students were involved in the planting of trees to beautify the school compound).

A substantial amount was obtained from Debswana to tap the waters of the Okavango river for agricultural purposes. With water in abundance, the school started various agricultural projects. Early in 1990, it started poultry production with 120 layers and the success of that batch of chickens gave the Agric Department the boost it needed to increase its stock to 250 layers. Students were actively involved in all these projects.


The major objectives for undertaking the various projects were:

Currently the Agric Department, undertakes the following projects:

vegetable production

tree seedling production

fruit tree production


milk production


fish farming

poultry production (layers and broilers).

The projects have been successful and profits have been put to good use. In 1998 the Department purchased a Digital Satellite Dish for the school and in January 1999 it purchased a TV set and Video Deck for the staff room.

Proceeds from the projects have shown an upward movement from P27 000 (US$ 5,500) in 1992 to about P120 000 (US$ 24 000) in1997. The various projects employ 3 Labourers on a permanent basis and 4 casual Labourers.

The Agric department has really put Shakawe on the world map as people of all walks of life visit the beautifully landscaped school and the various agric projects every year. This is a source of pride to both the teachers and students of the school