Southern African Center for Cooperation in Agriculrural and Natural Resources Research and Training
Centro de cooperacao para investigacao, agraria, recursos naturais e formacao na Africa Austral

No. 38 June 1997

Reorganisation and Regionalisation of Livesock Research in the SADC region

The main objectives of the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) is to strengthen the ability of national agricultural research systems to conduct technical and policy research in livestock-related fields and to develop technical packages for increasing livestock production. following the recommendations of the Internal Commissioned External Review Team, a joint meeting of the steering committee of NARS scientists, the three existing Pan African Collaborative Research Networks, and the endorsement of the SACCAR Board, ILRI organized the re-organization and regionalisation of ILRI-NARS collaborative research network meeting to formerly discuss the launch the sub-regional network, develop a plan of action for the network(research, training and information dissemination) taking into account the SADC/SACCAR sub-regional strategies and national priorities, and to form an interim steering committee of the network. The ILRI/SACCAR workshop was held in Gaborone, Botswana from the 21 st to 25 th April, 1997. It was officially opened by the Director of Agricultural research of Botswana, Dr. Lucas Gakale, who is also the Chairman of the Board of SACCAR. In his opening remarks he emphasized the need for closer regional cooperation in the livestock and agricultural sectors. The Director of SACCAR, Dr. B. Ndunguru also presented a paper giving an overview of the livestock research coordinated by SACCAR , and the development of a long-term strategy for the Food, agriculture and Natural Resources (FANR). The workshop was attended by representatives from the animal production and health departments, faculties of veterinary science and international and regional organizations.

Some of the topics presented at the workshop were the following;

  • Overview of OAU/IBR and its current and future involvement in livestock development in SADC as well as other sub-region
  • - Country presentations

    One of the major workshop recommendations was to establish a regional steering committee with national, regional and donor representation to oversee network policy and funding, monitoring and evaluation of the projects, and the overall collaborative research initiatives.

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