Southern African Center for Cooperation in Agriculrural and Natural Resources Research and Training

SACCAR Newsletter

December, 1996 Issue

Recent Publications from SACCAR

A training manual for biological scientists, Anandajayasekeram , P. et al, 1996

A training manual for research and development evaluation. Anandajayasekeram, P. et al, 1996

Evaluation of agricultural research in the SADC region., Anandajayasekeram, P, et al, 1996

SACCAR's strategy to implement its expanded mandate: A position paper. Prepared by P. Anandajasekeram and B. J. Ndunguru

Consultancy report on Long-term strategy for Regional Research Priorities in Food, Agricultural and Natural Resources in the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) May 1995, 4 Volumes. Prepared by K. Munyinda et al.

Crop and Livestock Strategy for the SADC region. Prepared by Goldsworthy, P.R. et al., October, 1996

Regional Research Priorities in the Natural Resource Sectors: Inland fisheries, Marine fisheries, Wildlife and Forestry. Prepared by D. A. Hoekstra et al., October , 1996

A Revised Long-term Human Resources Development Strategy for the Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Sectors in the SADC region: 1997-2006 prepared by N.T.A. Bangu et al, October, 1996

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