Southern African Center for Cooperation in Agriculrural and Natural Resources Research and Training

Regional Programmes and projects coordinated by SACCAR

  • Sorghum and millet improvement programme(SMIP)
  • Based at Matopos, Bulawayo in Zimbabwe, the project is one of the first regional programmes to be established under SACCAR and is executed by ICRISAT

  • Grain legume improvement programme (GLIP)
  • The GLIP consists of the following projects: Groundnut research based in Malawi, Bean Research is based in Arusha, Tanzania and Malawi, and Cowpea Research based in Mozambique. These aim at developing improvement varieties for the smallholder farmers. The executing agencies are ICRISAT, CIAT and IITA, respectively.

  • Land and water management research programme(L&WMRP)
  • Based in Botswana, the programme seeks to increase availability of rainwater for rainfed crop production activities and promote the conservation and proper use of land for sustainable crop and forage production.

  • In-service training in research management
  • The project is executed by ESAMI and ISNAR and aims at improving research management skills of SADC scientists in agriculture and natural resources.

  • Development of scientfic and professional manpower for the FANR sectors of SADC
  • Executed by the GTZ of the Federal Republic of Germany, the project aims at creating centres of specialisation for training at post graduate level in agriculture and natural resource. Established programmes now exists at Bunda College, Malawi (Animal Science), Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania (Land Use with emphasis on irrigation), University of Zambia (Crop Science) and University of Zimbabwe (Agricultural Economics).

  • Agroforestry research
  • Coordinated by ICRAF, the programme is implemented in Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. It seeks to assist national research institutions to train and strengthen their manpower so that they generate relevant agroforestry technologies.

  • SADC plant genetics resources centre
  • The project provide service to the plant breeders by training a cadre of skilled specialists in plant genetic resources, development of national plant genetic resources management programmes and preventing erosion and loss of genetic resources of the SADC region through collection and preservation efforts. It is executed by NORDIC Gene Bank, and is based in Zambia.

  • Maize & Wheat network
  • The network secondary function is to improve maize and wheat yields in the region. It aims at strengthening maize and research capabilities among NARS without duplicating the existing activities. The network is executed by the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Centre (CIMMYT), and is based in Zimbabwe.

  • Regional vegetable research programme
  • The programme aims at facilitating the generation and adoption of improved technologies for selected vegetable crops, through collaborative research, information exchange and scientific consultations. It is executed by the Asian Vegetable Research and Development Centre (AVRDC) and is based in Tanzania.

  • Root crop research network
  • The Southern African Root Crops Research Network SARRNET aims at improving the production, processing and utilization of cassava and sweet potato in the SADC region. SARRNET provides a forum for rapid exchange of improved technologies on cassava and sweet potato in the region. The USAID funded network is executed by IITA in collaboration with the International Potato Centre (CIP) and is based in Malawi.

  • Agricultural information acquisition, processing and dissemination network
  • The Southern African Agricultural Information Network (SAAINET) main objective is to promote information sharing, exchange and dissemination to effectively meet the agricultural information needs of the SADC region. The project is funded by International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Canada and CTA.

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