Southern African Center for Cooperation in Agriculrural and Natural Resources Research and Training
Centro de cooperacao para investigacao, agraria, recursos naturais e formacao na Africa Austral

No. 38 June 1997


11th Symposium of the International Society for Tropical Root Crops(ISTRC)

Date: October 20-28, 1997

Venue: Trinidad and Tobago; West Indies

Theme: Tropical Root Crops: Staples for sustainable food security into the next millennium.

For more details contact Dr C. Bonsi, GWC Agric. Exp. Station, 100 Campbell Building, Tuskegee University, TUSKEGEE, Al. 36088, U.S.A.

Third Scientific Conference of the Tanzania Entomological Association Ecologically sound Pest Management systems for sustainable Agriculture and Public Health


Date: 9-11 September 1997.

For more information, contact: The Secretariat 3rd Scientific Conference TEA, P. O. Box 1062 Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Invitation to join AIAEE

The Association for International Agricultural and Extension Education (AIAEE) is an international professional association linking agricultural educators and extension practitioners aimed at strengthening agricultural and extension education programs and institutions worldwide invites profesionals interested in the role of agricultural and extension educaion in national development.

Objectives of AIAEE

  • Serves as a catalyst, bringing the expertise of agricultural extension educators globally to meet needs in agricultural development.
  • Promotes research on agricultural and extension education programs around the world
  • Provides a forum for discussing research on agricultural and extension education issues with a global perspective.
  • Establishes and expands global networks for dialogue and partnerships among professionals working in agricultural and extension education.
  • Collaborates with international development agencies in designing strategies for using agricultural extension and education in agricultural development
  • Welcomes diversity in its membership actively seeks the participation of people from diverse ethnic origins and geographic areas.

    For further infirmation contact:

    Dr Janet Henderson Treasurer, Department of Agriultural Education, 204 Agricultural Adminstration Bldg. 2120 Eyffe Road, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH 43210 UK.

    Southern African Roots Research Network Courses

    SARRNET is one of the regional programmes under the auspices of SACCAR. It aims at improving production, processing and utlilization of cassava and sweet potato in the SADC region. As part of its remit SARRNET conducts national training courses which aim at strengthening the capacity of natural scientists to carryout reserach in root crops. the following is the training schedule for 1997.

    Rapid multiplication and distribution of cassava and Sweetpotato planting materials

    Date:02-06 Jun Venue:Chiredzi, Zimbabwe Audience: Technicians from SARRNET Countries

    Rapid multiplication and distribution of cassava and sweetpotato planting materials Date:16-20 Jun Venue:Malkerns, Swaziland Audience: Technicians from SARRNET countries

    Integrated pest management Date:15 Sept-08 Oct Venue: Manza, Zambia Audience:Technicians from SARRNET countries

    Workshop on management of cassava: Date:4-8 August Venue:Zanzibar Audience: Technicians from SARRNET countries

    Breeding trials Date & Venue: To be announced

    Statistical data analysis Date: 13-31 October Venue:Pretoria, South Africa Audience: Researchers from SARRNET countries

    Post-harvest research: cassava and sweet potato Date: 03-21 November Venue:Mansa, Zambia Audience: Postharvest Researchers

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