Southern African Center for Cooperation in Agriculrural and Natural Resources Research and Training
Centro de cooperacao para investigacao, agraria, recursos naturais e formacao na Africa Austral

No. 37 March 1997

Letter from the Editor

This issue of SACCAR News follows closely on the heels of two very important meetings held in the southern African region; SACCAR's stakeholders meeting, in Gaborone, March 10 - 14, 1997, and the meeting of the European Union funded planning meeting to develop and integrated agricultural information programme for southern Africa in Lusaka during the same week. The high energy of these two meetings kicks off some major initiatives within SACCAR and the southern African region as we work to incorporate the views of our stakeholders into our strategic planning for greater productivity, cost-consciousness, future financial sustainability, and respect for our natural resources. A survey mailed to stakeholders in December provided SACCAR with critical feedback regarding the diverse needs and expectations of our constituency. The stakeholders meeting provided an opportunity for representatives from national and international research organizations and grassroots NGOs to come together to discuss common ground for our shared future.

The results of the SACCAR newsletter survey were invaluable, and with this issue, we hope you'll find that we've kept what readers find informative and useful (high marks for our research-based articles) and we continue to shape and improve other areas. A streamlined look and a new production and distribution strategy should help to ensure that the newsletter reaches all readers in a timely fashion. But please don't wait for a survey to keep us informed! We encourage your letters, contributions, feedback, and inquiries at all times.

Inside this issue

  • Cowpea research
  • Onion trials
  • Whats new in research
  • SACCAR stakeholder meeting
  • SACCAR scolarships
  • Guidelines for the cultivation of spineless cactus pears for small-scale farmers Upcoming conferences

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