Southern African Center for Cooperation in Agriculrural and Natural Resources Research and Training
Centro de cooperacao para investigacao, agraria, recursos naturais e formacao na Africa Austral

No. 38 June 1997

Letter from the Editor

The livestock industry in the region is mainly based on over 38 million cattle of which 51 per cent are milking cows. There are 39.7 million sheep and 17 million goats. Given these figures it is clear that the livestock industry is a very important sector in the economy of most of the member states of SADC. It is for this reason that SACCAR has been developing a region-wide regional research agenda for livestock production in order to find time-tested solutions to constraints facing the sector and prioritize the use of our resources for our own benefit and the future generation. The search for efficient methods of conducting research and solutions to constraints in livestock production requires collaboration at different levels: nationally, regionally and internationally. SACCAR welcomes the initiative by ILRI, as described in the workshop report in this issues which was organized by SACCAR and LIRI, to start discussions with the SADC region on findings ways and means of pooling international agricultural research resources in livestock production to increase and sustain livestock production in the region. Ed .

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  • Rain water harvesting..
  • Pesticide use...
  • Director of SACCAR in Israel...
  • SACCAR/ILRI Workshop...
  • Africa's changing agricultural development strategies
  • New publications
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  • SACCAR Board of Directors Meet

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