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    Integrated Agricultural information programme for southern Africa

    The Agricultural information programme for Southern Africa covers countries in southern Africa aiming to improve the access to and use of information for agrcultural development. The lack of relevant and accurate agricultural information on all levels, from policy level through research and extension services to farm level is an important factor explaining the overall low agricultural productivity, hampering the socio-economic development of the region.

    The proposal aims to tackle these problems through a number of complementary strategies to increase the use of library services by the intended clients and their satisfaction.

    Once funded the proposal has a project life of 5 years.

    Accession list Database

    SACCAR publishes, in collaboration with other institutions or itself, produces a number of publications arising from workshops, training seminars and occassional studies.

    All these publications have been summarised in the Accession list publication. It is available from SACCAR offices.

    Database of Consultants

    SACCAR has a database on experts from the region in agricultural and natural resources research and training.

    Stakeholders are free to consult this database.

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