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Impact assessment activities at SACCAR

In 1993, SACCAR with technical assistance from USAID, established an Impact Evaluation and Policy analysis position. The major thrust of this activity was to assist SACCAR to prioritise, monitor and evaluate its activities so that output of investment in its activities can be seen by all stakeholders. A three pronged approach has been adopted to implement the activities, namely;

  • establishing a need-based data management system a SACCAR

  • establishing impact indicators, means of measurements and data needed for regionally executed projects and asses their impact; and

  • carry out country level studies in collaboration with the National Agricultural Systems (NARS).

    To date SACCAR has invested considerable resources in developing regional capacity to assess the impacts of investments in technology development and transfer within the agricultural and natural resources sectors. One of the objective has been to integrate and institutionalise impact assessment as a planning and management tool within the research process.

    The following publications have been produced and are available from SACCAR;

    Report on the Impact Assessment of the Sorghum and Millet Improvement Program(SMIP)

    Report on the Impact Assessment of the SACCAR/ESAMI/ISNAR Agricultural Research Management Training Project.

    Impact Assessment of Sorghum Research in Zambia

    Socio-economic Impact of the Lachenalia Research Program

    Socio-economic impact of the Russian Wheat Aphid Control Research Program

    Cotton Research and Enabling Environment in Zimbabwe

    Various country and regional training workshops have been conducted. For further information o please contact;

    Dr. P. Ananadajayasekeram, Impact Evaluation and Policy Advisor, SACCAR, Private Bag 00108, Gaborone, Botswana, Tel: +267 328847/8, Fax: +267 328806

    email address:

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