Southern African Center for Cooperation in Agriculrural and Natural Resources Research and Training


Within the framework of the mandate of SACCAR, the overall goal for human resources development is to develop a critical mass of the human resource base required for research and training in the sectors of Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources.

The Long-Term Policy and Strategy for Manpower Training in the FANR sectors of SADC is referred to as the. The primary focus of the strategy which was developed in 1990 and is centered around the creation of regional centers of specialization and the strengthening of teaching and research programs of Faculties of Agriculture, Forestry and Veterinary Medicine, particularly at the post-graduate level.

The Blueprint emphasizes the need for university faculties to develop policies that enhance regional cooperation through the rationalization of admission requirements, accreditation, and foreign student quotas. The major objectives of the strategy focus on increasing inter-university staff and student exchange for MSc and PhD level training, as well as some specialized training at the BSc level, assuming that each member state is self-sufficient in most areas of undergraduate training.


  • to strengthen the capacity of regional training institutions in order to enable them to mount postgraduate and other specialised training in areas of regional importance;
  • to foster student and staff exchange among academic institutions in the region;
  • to strengthen agricultural and natural resources research management capacity in SADC NARS; and
  • to develop the skills of NARS scientists in specific strategic areas so as to enhance their research and teaching capacity.

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