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There are four workshops at Motse Wa Badiri Camphill.

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The Sorghum Mill: The Sorghum Mill makes sorghum flour "Bopi Jwa Mabele" which it sells to major wholesale supermarkets and retail grocery stores. It also provides an invaluable service to the local community by doing small-scale milling for local subsistence farmers.

small Kalahari logo The Knitting Workshop : The Knitting Workshop makes "Kalahari" Jerseys made from top quality natural yarn, 20% Alpaca 80% wool, imported from the United Kingdom. The jerseys are marketed locally and throughout the Southern African Region.

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The Hearing Aid Workshop : The Hearing Aid Workshop provides essential services to the hearing impaired. It is equipped to repair hearing aids and produce earmoulds. It specialises in the manufacture and sale of the PHOTON -128 Solar Rechargeable Hearing Aid.

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Tree & Plant Nursery : The Tree and Plant Nursery sells indoor and outdoor plants, flowers, trees, fruit trees, shrubs and vegetable seedlings. With a thermostatically controlled propagation tunnel, they are able to produce many of the products they sell from seed or from cuttings.

All the workshops at Motse Wa Badiri are run with a strong emphasis placed on income generation. This is to ensure that they are relevant and sustainable. Each specific workshop was conceived of for its potential to generate employment opportunities that are well suited and even therapeutic for people with either mental disabilities, physical disabilities, or both.