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PHOTON - 128


The PHOTON - 128 is a body worn hearing aid suitable for use by people with low to medium severe hearing losses. Its nominally flat response means that it is suitable for use in a wide variety of cases. The hearing aid has a high performance solar panel built into its case, which, when exposed to direct sunlight, charges an internal nickel cadmium battery.

How it works

The PHOTON - 128 is simple to use. To charge the battery for a week of normal use, the hearing aid should be placed outside with the solar panel facing the sun for at least four hours. Once charged, the hearing aid can be cliped to a belt or discretely tucked away in a shirt pocket. In other respects the hearing aid operates in the same way as a traditional body warn hearing aid with an on/off volume control set in the top of the case.

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Why solar rechargeable?

In developing countries, it is often a problem for users of traditional hearing aids to find the correct replacement batteries on a regular basis. This is particularly true for those people who live in remote areas and those without regular income. The PHOTON - 128, because it uses the sun's energy and an internal rechargeable battery, never needs replacement batteries.

Where it can be used

The PHOTON - 128 has bee designed for use in sub-tropical regions. It needs a minimum level of 750W/M2 sunlight to recharge properly, therefore local climatic conditions need to be considered.


The Photon-128 uses a standard 2-pin socket system. It is supplied with a medium power receiver and a 75cm long 2-pin side entry connecting cord. The Photon-128 can be used with most commonly used medium and high power receivers including bone conduction devices from Oticon, A&M, Philips and can also be used with "Y" cords.

A child's body harness can be supplied as an optional accessory.

The basic charging instructions are printed on the back of the hearing aid case. There is a standard option of an English or a Setswana version but instructions can be printed in any language on agreement at the time of ordering.

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Technical specifications

graphic: typical audio response

Manufactured by Motse Wa Badiri Camphill

Motse Wa Badiri Camphill is a charitable N.G.O. which offers employment, vocational training and accomodation to people with disabilities. The Hearing Aid Workshop trains and employs disabled people as part of this programme.

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Designed by Botswana Technology Centre

Botswana Technology Centre is an organisation which develops technologies appropriate for Botswana and the SADC region. Its areas of operation include: solar technology, renewable energy development, passive solar architecture, food processing and technology information.

Development Funding

The development of the Photon-128 hearing aid has been possible due to the assistance of:

Contact Information


regular mail:
Hearing Aid Workshop
Motse Wa Badiri Camphill
P.O. Box 142
Otse Botswana
phone (++267) 33 72 72
fax (++267) 33 72 76

Motse Wa Badiri offers other services for the hearing impaired. Please contact us or visit our Hearing Aid Workshop for more information.

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