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Motse Wa Badiri, which means "the village where people work" in Setswana, is a Camphill Community located in Otse, a rural village 45km south of Gaborone, the capital of Botswana. We are a charitable NGO that offers vocational training, employment and where necessary, accommodation and social support, to people with disabilities. We are able to offer these services through the operation of four income generating workshops.



We at Motse Wa Badiri Camphill have put together this home page to introduce interested people to the work that we do. We also wish to promote the products we make and to profile the people who make them.

The development of this web page was made possible through a CIDA AWARDS funded project for Canadians seeking to enhance their skills and expertise in international development.

Authoring and design by Laurie Rogers
Photos by Ben Hart and Kevin Thomson

Document last modified 30 June 1997