Mater Spei College is a Government aided Catholic institution, located
in Francistown in the Northern part of the Republic of Botswana.

The late Bishop U. Murphy founded the school in 1963, using the premises of the
Catholic primary school.  From this small beginning the school has now developed
into a mixed co-educational school of over 1600 students, with its own premises
adjoining the church.

Over the past few years there has been a lot of change to the physical environment
of the College.  Several building phases have been completed: two storey buildings
now house most of the school activities, a new multi-purpose hall, library,
dining hall and currently new boarding hostels are under construction.

The school has twelve subject departments, each offers one or more courses
to G.C.E. Cambridge level.  The core subjects studied are Christian
Religious Education, English Language, Mathematics, Science and Setswana.
  Optional subjects include Agriculture, Art, Business Studies, Design
and Technology, Development Studies,English Literature,
Geography, History and Home Economics.

As a Catholic School, Mater Spei College adopts the Church's
philosophy on education in its Mission Statement:

"Produce a well disciplined, knowledgeable, adaptable and conscientious
citizen with high moral values who thinks critically and progressively enough
to face the future with confidence."

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