MODISA Technical Specifications


Both Siren and Controller Boxes are Sheeet Metal with powder coated finish with screen printed label
External parts use computer network and telephone housings
Adherence to walls acheived using 3M 4008 mirror tape except siren box which uses 4 large self tappers


Controller PCB uses PIC 16C54LP RISC processor
Controller PCB 2 sided THP. Siren PCB 1 side
Transient protection and EMC filtering incorporated

Power Supply:

Total power consumption including one PIR less than 150 uA
Power source 8 * AA Alkaline Batteries
Projected battery life up to 3 years


Averaging out of spurious signals and lighting induced transients in software
Nuisance filter will omit zone if triggered 4 times in a row
Triggered zone memory
Zone omit, Zone test features

Trigger Sources:

Currently works with a special low current 360 deg PIR module, special panic button and standard door switches via adapter box
3 external zones available. Zone 1 is internal PIR sensor
Can put any type of allowed sensor on any of the three external zones
Almost unlimited daisy chaining of sensors but cannot mix door switches and PIR/Panic button on same zone

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