MODISA Brochure

Feature Guide:

* Self contained alarm, no extras needed
* Simple DIY installation
* State of the Art Passive infrared technology
* Battery Operation up to 3 years between changes, can be used anywhere, even in the village
* Easy addition of sensors to increase protection
* Anti tamper feature
* Loud siren 114dBM
* Bright flashing strobe
* Built in panic button
* Zone Test Mode and Zone Omit capabilities


The MODISA alarm system is a self contained burglar alarm, designed and manufactured in Botswana to protect you against theft.

The basic alarm is supplied with a built in Passive Infra Red (PIR) detector which is capable of guarding a normal sized room or passageway. Once activated by a thief, an ear piercing siren and a bright flashing strobe light will be activated, drawing the attention of your neighbours and scaring the thief away.

The alarm comes complete with a battery pack which should run the alarm for up to 3 years under normal conditions (7 hours per day).

It is possible to expand the system by fitting more sensors, either door switches or PIR detectors or panic buttons to allow protection of other rooms. A second siren box can also be fitted. All components of the system simply plug together using telephone type connectors.

Operating Instructions:

When you wish to leave your house protected by the alarm, turn the key switch to the "on" position. You then have approximately 30 seconds to leave any areas covered by the sensors. During this time a beeper will sound. When the beeper stops the alarm is armed.

When the alarm detects a person entering the house, it will start beeping. If the key switch is not turned to the "off" position within 25 seconds, the siren and strobe will be activated. The siren stays on for 3 minutes then the alarm is re-armed.

The built in panic button can be operated at any time whether the unit is on or off. Once activated, the siren will sound for approximately one and a half minutes. However the siren can be turned off by turning the key switch.


*The control box should be mounted on a smooth painted wall facing the centre of the room at shoulder height using the tape supplied.
*The siren box should be mounted as high up as possible on the outside wall of the house. You will need to mark and drill four holes to take the raw plugs and screws provided.
*The cable between the two can be run through an airbrick or a top window and secured along the wall using the glue provided.


As with any Passive infrared detector, all windows in any room with a sensor should be closed and curtains secured to prevent false alarms occurring.

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