MODISA Low Cost Neighbourhood Alarm System

The Modisa Alarm has been developed in Botswana to suit Southern African conditions for a low cost, noise based alarm system for the average resident. It can be installed easily in any location and is simple to use. It is exceptionally well suited to large scale deployment as a part of a neighbourhood watch campaign. The rights to its design are jointly owned by myself Michael Peart, the inventor, and the manufacturing company KiTEK Pty Ltd in Botswana.

We are looking to license the product primarily for manufacture in South Africa but we would consider offers from other countries. The design is protected by a patent and the product is fully documented.

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Product Brochure
Technical Specifications
Photo Showing Modisa

To contact the inventor

Or contact through KiTEK Tel ++267 313665 Fax ++267 353868
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