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If there is a subject which interests you, e-mail me (with the links if you know them) at If your chosen subject interests me, or if many of you ask for the same thing, I'll do some research and put together a list of links, with my own comments about them.


Here's one I'm working on: low-tech agriculture and horticulture in semi-arid climates

  • A Book. Small Scale Irrigtaion for Arid Zones. I haven't read the book - if anyone has, please tell me what you thnk of it.
  • Desertification. The United Nations Farming and Agriculture Organisation's Desertification Web site. High level stuff. I'd like to see how much of this filters down to the level of the affected populations, and what the time-lag is.
  • Grey Water. Purported to be the best information available concerning treatment and use of waste water. Clivus Multrum Inc., is a commercial provider of Grey Water systems, but the information in this report is sufficient to allow you to design your own system.
  • No Web reference for this one. If you live in Gaborone, visit Sanitas (Green Diamonds of Botswana), your local nursery. Ask to be shown the low-rainfall cultivation techniques developed by Gus Nilsson, the plant pathologist founder of this company. For those who don't live in Gaborone, see my description of one of the techniques at the C.A.T.S. Web site . Gus has written a book which is in pre-publication review at the moment. When it is published, I'll give details.

And here's a pick 'n' mix collection

  • Land Trek Expeditions .If you're tired of Africa, try Mexico.
  • Old maps of South Africa. Did you know that 1:59 500 is a scale of 400 Cape Roods to the inch?
  • The Lake Superior Stone.. Wake up, Botswana. This is what marketing is about. If you look at an agate which was found by Lake Superior, you can imagine it is a photographic record of the meteor impact which wiped out the dinosaurs. This site sells pictures of the agate - 18 x 20 inches unmounted for US$40.00, framed (quite nicely) for US$100.00.
  • Stone-a-fish!.This guy does sell stones - built into trout-fishing lures at around US$4 at time.
  • Beautiful stones and custom jewellery..If you're in this kind of market, spend a bit of effort on the pictures like JD does. There are several on one page, so it takes ages to load, but it's worth it.
  • Greenhouse experiments . If you want to know what the greenhouse effect really does, ask these guys in a year or two.
  • UC-Garden . Gardening and IT professionals share a site.
  • From the United Nations . FAO's GAIA project Web site is definitely not aimed at the common man in the countries the project is intended to help. However, I've seen stuff like this presented to civil servants in Botswana by well-meaning European purveyors of the latest management tools - and they still don't understand why 90% of the participants didn't show up after sampling the first day's lunch.
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