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Here are two gems from a Christmas letter sent out by a friend now living and working in Sri Lanka, building roads in remote areas.

The lady of the house, having lived in Dar-es-Salaam for part of her life, is reasonably good at fixing things. It took some outside assistance, however, to find the cause of a blocked washing machine outlet: 'a very frightened frog, pursued by a very hungry snake'....

Local politicians often like to profit from my friend's road-building activities by erecting plaques to commemorate the section which lies within their territory. The suggestion that it would be more appropriate to erect the plaque at the time of completion of the section rather at commencement produced the straight-faced reply:

"Oh, no, that wouldn't do at all. None of our projects has ever been completed!"

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This is not quite what I expected, but it is a beautiful reminder that once you publish a Web page anyone in the world can see it. My first e-mail comes from a man who graduated from Gabs Secondary School in 1989 and is now living on the West Coast of the United States. Does anyone browsing this page remember JESUS BAROT? If you do, or if you know any of these people, whose names Jesus remembers:
  • Chesteron Dichi
  • Jonathan Carline
  • Benjamin Maekopo
  • Andre January
  • Malicia Jackson
  • Cynthia Vista
  • Lillian and Kabelo, whose surnames have long been forgotten

.... or even if you know anyone who remembers any of the people listed above, please contact Jesus Barot at

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