Weather & Agrometeorological Bulletins

Weather and Agrometeorological Bulletins are issued monthly during the Botswana rainy season from October to April.

Bulletins for the current season are available to view online or download on this page. Bulletins for previous seasons are available for download from the Bulletin Archives page.

December 2004 Bulletin

Highlights: rainfall continued to be much below average. The larger part of the country still has low level of vegetation greenness. Seasonal outlook depicts that most parts of country will have normal to below normal rains for December 2002 to February 2003.

October 2002 Bulletin

Highlights: most of the country receieved below average rains. Heavy localised storm in Serowe on the 29th October. Moderate warm episode (El Nino) conditions developed during September.

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Note: each bulletin comprises of several Word, Excel and HTML documents in a single Zip file.

November 2002 Bulletin 221 Kb

October 2002 Bulletin 610 Kb

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