Profile of the Department

The Department of Meteorological Services is a Botswana Government Department under the Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism.


We will provide quality weather and climate data and information and related services so that clients and other stakeholders are empowered to make timely and informed decisions in all circumstances where weather and climate play a significant role.


The Department of Meteorological Services exists to timely provide and exchange reliable and accurate weather and climate data and information and related services, by observing, collecting, monitoring, processing, analysing, forecasting and predicting weather and climate through the use of up-to-date technology to enable optimal utilisation of resources and to contribute to the safety and protection of life and property.


Measuring, observing and recording meteorological observations required for various socio-economic development activities at national, regional and international levels.

Weather forecasting and advisory.

Issuing warnings of floods, severe storms, heat waves, cold spells and other adverse weather conditions likely to endanger life and/or property.

Supply of meteorological information.

Publication of meteorological bulletins.

Provision of meteorological/climatological data, information and advice.

Cooperation with other meteorological services regionally and internationally.



Maintaining an open door policy and consultation with customers and employees promote trust, fairness equity ethics and good business practice. We undertake to consult, inform others of what we do, why we do it and to be consistent and receptive to the needs and viewpoints of others.


We recognise that Botho is fundamental to the successful execution of our duties. We are committed to the creation of a culture of mutual respect, trust, tolerance, support, caring and frankness with each other and our customers.


We promote a sense of belonging and participation. Set targets, performance indicators, milestones and other measures of inputs, outputs and expected outcomes.

Customer Focus

We exist because of our customers. We pledge to serve our customers efficiently with care and impartiality.

Human Resource Welfare and Development

Personnel Welfare, and development are indispensable to effective performance and functioning of the Ministry. We shall facilitate employee welfare, training and development and keep up to date with the latest technologies to enable them to realize their full potential and ambitions.

Equality Sensitivity

People are our greatest asset. We pledge to afford equal opportunity and serve based on "issue" and not gender to promote commitment and achieve set standards. We are committed to the creation of an environment that will foster team spirit and team effort to promote a sense of belonging and participation.


We believe that accountability develops a sense of responsibility, answerability and promotes efficiency and timely delivery of services and discourages malpractice's thus inspiring public and employee confidence in our Ministry. We pledge to conduct regular internal auditing and evaluating our operation and performance.


Actions without ownership, positive attitude, dedication and adherence to ethical principles are difficult to manage. We pledge to be fully focused, prepared, willing and ever ready to ensure collective ownership of results.


Any activity, process, program, project, etc whose inputs and outputs cannot be measured will be difficult to manage and control.

Disability Sensitivity

Every individual is an asset irrespective of the disability they may have. We pledge to afford equal opportunity and serve based on "issues" and not on disability to promote impartiality.

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