(Due to the length of the emails and the partly personal nature we shortened some of them. We have decided against publishing the email addresses on the web because of the danger of SPAM (junk mail).
But you may use our address lionmaunsec@gmx.net  . We will forward the e-mail to the person concerned.) 
Here are some of the e-mails we received from former students, staff members and friends.
Maun Secondary News
Lion Newsletter
Onalenna Oabona
Lion News
Hey guys, I was just surfing the net when I came across your website on InfoBotswana. It’s really nice to see you all doing so great in sports and academics. I was once a student in Maun Secondary, from 1996-1998, but was in Porcupine House under Mr Bwaila. I am now an MBII Student at the University of Ghana Medical School. I therefore encourage you all to study hard and be ambitious, not be content with mediocrity but aim higher so that together we can contribute in the building of our lovely country BOTSWANA. Pass my warm greetings to the Headmaster Mr David Tregilges.
God bless you all
Reginald Mpolokeng
I would like to meet with all those who were teaching at Maun Senior during the time when I was  there (1996-1998) and who who are currently in the UK.
I am based in Wales . I have been living  here since September 2000. I am looking forward to meet all of them. I will be heading to Scotland (Glasgow) on Feb 21-23 then Birmingham Feb 28 until March 3 this year.
They can contact me at birthday28uk@yahoo.co.uk or my school e-mail.
Malebogo go lona Batswana betsho.
Gable Garenamotse
Dear Everyone,
I came across your website and wanted to send our greetings to everyone at Maun SSS, and especially anyone who might remember us. My wife Jane and I taught there for 2 years from 1990 to 1992. David Tregilges arrived more or less as we were going. But he was already transforming the school.  We have so many fond memories of the students there. I've been teaching a story by Bessie Head to a 4th year class at Bradford Grammar School in the UK today, and it brought it all back. Soon we had the map of Botswana out and I was able to tell some old stories. Please pass on my best wishes to David Tregilges, and to Phil Conteh, Philip Bbaale, Bob Kavuma - if they're still there - and anyone else who remembers us. Our daughter, Anna, now 10 (!), was born in Maun, and we plan to take her back to show her where she started in the next few years. It sounds as though the school has changed enormously since we left. Good luck to you all.
Phil Lawrence
(Teacher of English - Jane taught Science)
[ Phil Conteh unfortunately passed away last Year, Philip Bbaale left Maun Secondary School about 6 years ago and is now Deputy Head at Moeng College, David Tregilges and Robert Kavuma are still at Maun Secondary and are in good health]
I hope its not too late to say “Happy New Year” to you. Pressure
from the academic  field is keeping me contained  and I rarely get the chance to communicate. I have a lot to do both in class and in athletics. On March 20th I must
submit my scripts.  Then I have two exams to write prior to finishing  my degree course in June this year. I can't wait to finish and be free like everyone else (Glody) and enjoy a happy and unstressful life.
Greetings to all of the students  and the members of staff especially  Robert Kavuma, Adam Letham, Mpetsana, Mr Brinke and all the others.
Gable Garenamotse
Hi Guys,
It is seven years now. I am Darkie Kamunduuoo. Today I got impressed by your
website.  Keep doing that great job.  I spent my winter in Canada.  I was in
the western region, that`s Alberta in the city of Calgary.  Its a good city,
more into cultural events of the western.  STAMPEDE  was good for me.
Best regards,
Darkie Kamunduuoo
Greetings to all of you once again; I mean the Maun Secondary School members and the regular visitors to the Lion House website. I owe Maun Secondary School a great deal in that they helped me to be where I am today. Credit to all of you guys. Ke kopa gore o ntshwarele ba ba latelang ka letsogo:-
My Dad: Adam Letham (Madala) for his never-ending support since the day I entered through the gates of Maun Secondary School (1996) to date (2002). Your unselfishness and your thirst to see athletes develop has played a great deal in many peoples well-being (Gable included).
Headmaster: David Tregilges, you trained me to be an upright and a responsible young man.
I am very much pleased with the status and the treatment I am given whenever I visit you. I feel part and parcel of Maun Secondary School even today.
Robert Kavuma: You taught me great things not only at the field of play but even in class and when we were home.
Staff members: You made my stay in Maun Secondary School the best.
To the Students: the kind of person you are right now in Maun Secondary School will reflect the kind of person you will be tomorrow. My call is that you commit yourself to be the best you can. Strive for excellence!  It is passion and passion alone that breed success. Without passion you can be successful in nothing. Failing to prepare is preparation to fail.
Gable Garenamotse
It's been nearly five years since I left you at Maun SS but was so very proud to see the successes at the Commonwealth games - congratulations especially to Gable for a great silver medal. As for me I now have nearly two children, my wife Lisa due to have our second any time now.  I can report on a few other old faces too (if they'll forgive my use of the word old!). Mr. James Davis is now married, teaching in Southern England and due to be a dad in the near future. Mr. Trevor Starkey is head of humanities, teaching in North Yorkshire, he now has two girls. Mrs. Lindy Kirk is teaching in Southern England - no new babies for her, but the twins are now 8. As for me, I now work as a website developer having decided that my teaching in Botswana could not be bettered, so why try!
Regards to all ex-colleagues and ex-students of mine, and for all the current Maun students: Look to the achievements of your old school leavers to inspire you to emulate what they are doing and are yet to achieve.
Best wishes, Jonny Heath
Guys, I bumped onto your website today. I followed a link from karabo.com. This is fantastic, you simply rock...keep up the good work!!
St. John's, NF
Well, what can I say? It may be same question that you want answered "Where is Gable?". Well, I am back since May 6th, been going through a period of  injury problems. But I am back now. Started training two weeks ago and everything is back to normal. I know some of you have bought tickets to come to Manchester to watch us (Glody, me, Sekotswe etc). We shall do as you expect. We shall be ready to rock out there....
I am jumping on the 8th this month here in Cardiff, then in Birmingham (12-14th) before I leave for Manchester on the 19th. I will be jumping on the 29 and 30th of July in Manchester before I leave for the  African Championships which will be in Tunesia on 6-8th of August. Glody should be touching down at the same day in Manchester. Just like you, I can't wait to compete. Well, I have to go now, but I will be looking forward to see Maun Secondary School representatives in Manchester.
I hope the Headmaster and Letham will come. Wishing all of you all the best.
Gable Garenamotse
Dear Lion House and Mr. Letham,
I have just gone through your website! Well done! I do not have time to write at present but wanted to convey greetings and well wishes to all former friends and new students who are carrying on the spirit of Lion House. Stay well and I will try to write more later
Go Siame,
Jim McGinty
Been very busy lately with school work. It's not as easy as it was when I was in MSS. Anyway that's how this things are meant to be. THE HIGHER YOU CLIMB, THE MORE POWER AND ENERGY YOU NEED.
I acknowledge that I last sent you a message when  I returned from Scotland at the end of my Indoor season. So I am sending this message as I am heading to England next day go simolola outdoor season. I'm highly motivated after wining the Sport Personality Of the Year Award on Wednesday evening. The first black man to win that Award in this University. It's a great honour for me and you ! I have been preparing myself with the knowledge that failing to prepare to win is preparing to fail. I don't want to fail you guys. I am going out this season for you. WATCH OUT!
Feel free to drop me a mail. Any question or comment or help with training that you need from me will be provided.
Keep cool and wishing you all the best
Gable Garenamotse
DUMELANG to all of my old friends from Lion House - I was very excited to find this web-site and it was great to catch up on all the news ( I can't believe we came 2nd in the sports!)
I trust Mr Letham is treating you all well and that you are behaving yourselves, it's good to hear that the form 4s were given such a good welcome - I trust not too many have had cause to visit the House of Pain! 
I miss all of you very much, and there are so many of you that I would like to say hello to. However, a special DUMELA to all of the footballers, rugby players, athletes, the 5Ns 
and, of course, The Madala.
Keep up the good work, Lions, and keep in touch - I miss you all.
Mr Price
It’s good to know that you are still doing a good job in Maun Sec. I am your former colleague Ephraim Molefe studying MEd (Design and Tech) at the University Of New Castle in Australia. Greet all staff of 93 – 98, especially the D&T department.
Ephraim Molefe     
Well Adam, 
What can I say, I have just been looking up information on … Glody Dube, when I spotted the Lion Maun Sec Site  ….. Well, isn't he doing well … - I caught a bit of him on CNN the other week when he beat Kipketer I think - he's gone big time now !! All is well with me - still messing around with that oval ball too much, you would think that I would have learnt by now ! … Anyway bye for now, let me know if you receive this, best wishes to any others that you still see around the place. All the best 
Simon Firth     
I am thrilled, guys, to meet you in the air, communication is going to be much easier. Still tired after a long journey by bus to Glasgow last Friday and back Monday. That’s were I ended my indoor season, I won long jump, came second in triple and our team came fourth in the relay in which I was third leg man. Tuesday I met the Prince of Wales, it was fantastic, I enjoyed it. And I’m invited to meet the Queen in July. Anyway, this is just to say, I am glad that I have come across your web site today and I promise that I will never leave you. I owe the headmaster a BIG THANK YOU for the lunch and dinner he cocked for me (Gable), Madala and Glody for two days. I also enjoyed the Christmas lunch and dinner, I am still part and parcel of Maun Secondary School.
Keep the good job up ! 
Gable Garenamotse
Hello There,
I was excited to see my school represented, so I decided to say Hello and congratulations.
My name is Christina Mohubitswane born and raised in Maun. I was in MSS from 1977-81.
I am currently in Silver Spring, Maryland USA. I work as a Registered Nurse and go to
Howard University in Washington DC, Majoring in Computer Science.
As you can see I am old. I have no idea as to what the lions are.  
All the best and god bless you
Christina Mohubitswane
[ Reply : 
Hello Christina,
You say that you are old. I'm afraid that I might be even older than you. And I was at Maun Secondary School exactly  the same time as you, from 1977-81. May be you remember me. My name is Karl Schulte to Brinke and I used to teach Mathematics. Actually, I still teach Mathematics.  I am back at Maun Secondary. If I remember correctly, 20 years ago, Maun Secondary was divided into three houses (Moremi, Letsholathebe and ..?.). Someone  renamed the houses to Lion, Cheetah, Springbok and Porcupine. There are now more than 1600 students in Maun Secondary School ( about 100 teachers) and the administration felt that it was necessary to divide the school into four separate entities . The houses are not used for sports only as before.  They are actually  small schools within the greater Maun Secondary School with their own administration, own class rooms etc. 
The area with the oldest buildings ( the class rooms you were taught in) is now called "Lion House".  I guess that makes you a member of Lion House, just like me.
I hope you enjoy your time in the USA.
Mr. Karl   
Its a wonderful job u guys are doing out there.
My name is Seitsang Sabone; Mr. Letham, I hope u still remember me.
I am a former member of lion house, graduated from Maun Sec with a first class in 1994.  I am currently freezing in Canada, majoring in BSc Geophysics (to be a rock star, that’s why i'm studying rocks hahah).
Again congrats to Mr.Letham, "we see your boys on tv and the pride of lions is proud".  See u soon, will probably join u in the pool on one of the winter mornings.
Hi Mr. Letham
This is Jennifer Price (nee Jansen).
Hope ya'all still remember me. I was a TS employee in 1993-94.
Just found this website and had to say "Howdy" from Austin, Texas USA. I can't believe you're still there. On my last visit in July 2000, there was so much change, I almost didn't recognise it.
I am so glad I found this website. Please send my regards to Mr. Tregilges and Mr. Midgley at Tshwaragano Secondary.
Jennifer Price
I was surfing on the net and came across "the lion house" web site and I must say that it is very good. I was not a member of Lion house but it is good that lion house has managed to come up with a way in which to stay in contact with students all over the world!!!
Dennis Jørgensen.
Dear Adam
Well done on the web site … , found it by skipping through the
botswana info.bw site. Great to see lion house out in front of the
rest but, its not difficult. Hope everything is going well that side, and I hope you are all having good holidays for Xmas.
I'm now back in the UK teaching in Oxford and studying at the University of Reading, living ib the cold wet isle is a bit of a shock
compared to Botswana.
Anyway …….,  Happy Xmas to one and all. Best regards to
the Headmaster and staff and students
Best Wishes
Richard Procter