Ledumang Senior Secondary School

School Objectives

These vary from one plan to another and usually they are revised tobe commensurate with specific activities of the school on an annual basis.

Generally however the school is interested in giving students a sound background in academic and practical subjects as well as guiding students to be responsible and self reliant which is in keeping with the national principles of Botswana. To crown it all the school provides students with opportunities to performtothe fullest of their abilities and aptitudes.

To achieve the above, our school programmes are strictly supervised and punctuality to all activities is the by word of the school. All students are encouraged and assisted to use use study periods accordingly and also to partake in extra curricular activities of their choices. Furthermore allstudents take turns in keeping the school neat and tidy. It is through this programme that students can developtheir self-esteem and pride in themselves, their school and their country as well as the ability to choose the future.