Ledumang Senior Secondary School

Extra Curricular Activities

We are great believers in sports and recreation for students because it is through them that students can reveal talents that they may not manifest in the classroom. Our school allows time for participation in both indoor and outdoor games and all students are expected to partake. Students who can not partake on the grounds of ill health should submit medical evidence to the Head. There are facilities for the following sports at the school: Soccer, Netball, Softball, Boxing, Volleyball, Athletics, Table Tennis, Basket Ball and Karate.

In addition there are students clubs/societies or movements in the school. Each club/society has a staff member in charge. The aim of such clubs/societies is to enable students to use their leisure time to further developtalents in areas not directly taught in the school academic programme. The following activities take place at present: Traditional Dance, Boys Choir, Drama, Debating, Scripture Union, Ball Room Dancing, Chess, Wildlife Club, Modern Dancing, Subject Clubs and Amnesty International.