Ledumang Senior Secondary School

School Emblem

Where there is unity of purpose and a sense of collective responsibility, success and excellence are inevitable. The emblem represents the ideas and taelnts of the students and staff at Ledumang Senior Secondary School.

The main symbol is the stream, the origin of which is that the name Ledumang was derived from Ledumadumane, (the river).

The stream represents the importance of education, as is the importance of fresh clean water to a prosperous and happy life. The flowing stream is a sign of continuity, an indication of the unending process of education,hence our motto,"Molapo o sa Kgaleng...".

The eagle with its fish that it has just plucked from the stream symbolises how education can offer up its prizes to those who wish to work for them and be taken far into life as integral members of the world's community.

The horizon and the sun both represent our objective as teachers and students in that we should always try to aim for the highest goals possiblein our journey through life.

The circular shape of the emblem reminds us of the importance of unity and cooperation required for an effective and creative educational community.