Publishing your web site

Once you have created and tested your web site on the local hard drive, all that remains is to publish the site on the Internet. Normally you will be provided with web space on a web server through your local Internet Service Provider. The whole web site can then be moved to this new location and will then become available to anybody to view on the Internet.

It is very important that you recreate the same directory structure and file contents on your web server as those used on your local hard disk. This is done using File Transfer Protocol to create the directories and publish the web pages. One of the easiest to use FTP packages is WS FTP which can be viewed by clicking the button below.

You need to enter the user name and password provided by your web administrator and details of the web server. These details should be kept confidential to prevent other people having access to your site. The example below shows a standard set up for WS FTP.


You then need to connect to the Internet using TCP/IP protocol before clicking the OK button. This will open a dialog box like the example below. On the left the local hard disk is displayed whilst on the right you will see details of the web server directory structure.

open ftp

You can then use the MkDir button to create a mirror directory structure on the web server. Finally select the files on the local drive and copy them over to the relevant directories on the server using the side arrow keys. It is important to check that the files when copied across to the server are in the correct case and have the same extensions as on the hard disk. For example HTML extensions will become abridged to HTM and you will need to use the Rename button to convert them back to their original state.

Your server will have a default file name which opens automatically when anybody accesses the directory without specifying a particular web page to open. This default file name is usually either home.html or index.html depending on the operating system running on the server. It is therefore a good idea to name your home page with this default name so that it will open when the URL is typed in without specifying a web page.

Finally, once you have published your site make sure to check all the pages and links to ensure that they all work and that all the graphics display correctly.