Submitting a form

Once a form has been filled in by the user it has to be submitted to a web server. This requires a specific script on the web server to handle the information such as the CGI script formail. In order to set up your form correctly you will need to speak to the web administrator to determine exactly which script system you are using.

Most forms have a Reset button and a Submit button at the end of them. The Reset button simply clears the form of any existing entries. You can insert this button anywhere within the form by clicking on the Reset tool on the toolbar. This will open a dialog box like the example below where you can enter the label to appear on the button.


The Submit button is rather more complex. Selecting to insert this button in a form will open the dialog box shown below.



This is the point where you need to consult your web administrator to check which details to enter under the submission information categories. As a guide, the following information might be useful.

Once you have added the submission criterai make sure to test that the form is working correctly by submitting a number of different sets of responses.