Inserting a form field

Web pages often have interactive forms included in them enabling people to enter and submit information. The advantage of a form over a simple E mail is that the information in a form is structured and is therefore easier to extract and analyse. Half the work of creating interactive forms lies in inserting the relevant tags in a web page - the other half involves ensuring that your web server is set up to process incoming data using special scripts.

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To insert a simple text entry box and buttons like the example above is very easy using Internet Assistant. Select the location for the form field and select Form Field… from the Insert menu. This will display a dialog box like the example below.


Clicking on the Continue button will open a dialog box like the example below and a new toolbar with Form buttons (also shown below). Using the dialog box shown on the left below you can select the type of field to insert - the field at the top of this page was a Text field.

form type
form tools

Selecting the Text option and clicking OK will open a secondary dialog box like the example below. In this box details about the form field have to be entered including the size of the field, the type of text to be entered and any default text. You also need to enter a name for the field which needs to be unique for each field as this will be the identifier when the information is submitted from the form.

detail form

Once you have completed the above dialog box, Internet Assistant adds the field to your page between Top of Form and a Bottom of Form divider lines like the picture below. This may not look too impressive but when viewed in a browser it will look just fine!

example field