Using Multimedia

Web pages are capable of including a range of multimedia features such as sound, video and animation. However, multimedia tends to involve large files which take a long time to download off the web and so this functionality is more relevant to Intranet or local hard disk access.

To include a video within a web page you will need to select the Picture button on the toolbar. Selecting the Video tab will then display a dialog box like the example below. In this box it is possible to select whether the video will start automatically or only when the mouse moves over the image. You can also set how often the video will loop and whether the controls are visible.

It is quite easy to add simple sounds to your web page as well as background sounds. These can be in the form of wav files which you can record simply using the Sound Recorder in Windows 95 (select a poor quality recording to reduce file size). In the example below these sound files are run automatically when you click on one of the hyperlinks.