Adding a background

It is possible to change the default background colour of a web page to a different colour or a tiled image. This is how the background of this page has been created.

To add or modify the background colour or texture, you need to select the Background and Links… option from the Format menu. This will open a dialog box like the example below in which you can either specify a graphic image to tile as the background or a standard colour to use as a background (you can not select both simultaneously). Selecting the Do not scroll image will create a Watermark effect with the image.


It is also possible to select the colour that text and hyperlinks will display on the page. This can be useful if you wish to over ride the default colour used by a browser.

It is also possible to specify a sound file that will be played when a web page is opened. This is done by selecting the Background Sound… command from the Format menu to display a dialog box like the example below in which you choose the sound file (wav, au or mid files) and how many times it should be played when the page is opened. A warning here - this can be a very irritating addition to any web page so try and avoid a "good morning" style greeting every time anybody opens your home page.