Formatting graphics

It is possible to create graphics images using a number of graphic software packages - we recommend Paint Shop Pro. Graphic images can be saved from pages on the Internet using the technique described in an earlier section. Photographs can be scanned and saved as a GIF or JPEG images. Digital cameras can also be used to create images to be incorporated into a web page. There are a number of ways that these images can then be formatted within the web page.

The Picture button on the toolbar also has an Options tab which displays a dialog box like the example below.


This dialog box enables you to specify a height and width for an image. Generally, these are automatically taken to be the same as the actual image size. However it is possible to use different sizes to squash or stretch the image like the examples below.

Normal (190*26) pixels
Squashed (150*26 pixels)
Stretched (250*26 pixels)

The Alignment with Text option enables you to select how the graphic is aligned with text on the same line. The Image is a Sensitive Map check box is only used when an image with hot spots linked to different web pages on a web server is used. It is possible to add a border around an image by checking the Display Border and a Border Size. The images below show how this affects the image.
No Border
Thin Border (1 pixels)
Thick Border (3 pixels)