Adding graphics to a page

One of the attractions of a web page is that it enables a colourful combination of text, graphics, colour and multimedia. Adding graphics to a standard web page can do much to enliven and illustrate the text. However, a word of caution in that overdoing the graphic content will not only make a "gimmicky" page but will also slow down the rate that the page can be viewed off the Internet.

Graphics are inserted into a web page as separate image files. There are a number of formats that are accepted as standards on the Internet including GIF files, JPEG files and AVI files. In an earlier section we looked at using a graphic ruler to subdivide a page. The four examples below show a GIF image, a JPEG image an AVI animation and an animated GIF (notice the differences if file size between them). In general GIFs are used for simple images such as cartoons whilst JPEGs are used for many coloured images such as photographs. All these images can be easily inserted using the Picture button on the toolbar.

GIF Image (2 Kilobytes)

JPEG Image (64 Kilobytes)


AVI animation (202 Kilobytes)

Animated GIF (18 kilobytes)

bar chart