Other features of tables

There are a number of additional attributes available with HTML code that can be applied to tables. Internet Assistant is only capable of applying some of these features and it is often necessary to resort to coding in HTML to achieve all the effects. However, Internet Assistant does provide a useful start point from which further refinement can be added with HTML code.
The Table menu has several additional commands as shown in the example on the right. Most of these commands such as Insert Rows, Select Row, Sort and Split Table are in fact standard Word commands. They do not produce any HTML code on their own but can be useful in creating the structure and contents of a table in a web page.

The Cell Type… command is a specific HTML equivalent with which you can select whether a cell will display Table Headers or Table Data. The only difference between the two is that the former is centre aligned by default whilst the later is right aligned. This command is therefore not used very often.

The Caption… command enables you to provide a simple caption above or below a table in a web page.

The Background Color… command allows you to provide a background colour for individual cells or an entire table.

table menu

The Align… command is used to control how text is displayed within a cell. Selecting this command will display a dialog box like the example shown below. Using this table it is possible to set a standard alignment of left or centre for a whole table. You can also specify horizontal or vertical spacing of text in individual cells. To view these effects you will have to view the table in a browser as they will not display correctly with Internet Assistant.

align box