Adjusting the size of a table

The standard table created by Internet Assistant is in WYSIWYG format. This means that the size of each cell in Word will be an accurate reflection of the size displayed in a web browser. It is possible to adjust the size of the table or individual cells in a number of different ways.
The easiest method to change a cell's width is to drag the borders using the mouse (make sure that the Gridlines option is checked in the Table menu so that you can actually see this borders).

This is done by moving the cursor over the border to be moved until it switches into a double headed arrow like the example on the right. Then hold down the right mouse button and drag the border with the mouse. This can also be done for an individual cell in a table by first selecting the cell or cells with the mouse like the example below before dragging the border. Once you have adjusted a WYSIWYG table, Internet Assistant will display a little symbol like this star at the start of the table in which it stores the new configuration.


single cell

There is a more precise way of adjusting the cell size using the Cell Width and Spacing… command on the Table menu. This opens a dialog box like the example below. In this box you can provide exact sizes for the width of each cell and the spacing between cells.

table dialog