Inserting a simple table

Tables are widely used in web pages to control how text and graphics are positioned on a web page. The use of multi-cell tables provides the ability to create a sophisticated page layout. However, a word of caution as not all browsers will display tables in the same way so it is worth checking your finished page i a number of different browsers with a range of screen resolutions.

The easiest way to insert a table in a web page is by moving your mouse to the point where you want to insert the table and then clicking on the Tables table button button on the toolbar. This will open a grid square like the example shown below with which you can select how many rows and columns you want in your table by dragging the mouse across the required squares.

table box

This will create a table grid on your page within which you can start typing text like the example shown below.

example rtable

Just to remind you how easy Internet Assistant is, look at the HTML code below which this table requires!

table code