Horizontal rules

It can often help to break long web pages of text up with horizontal rules. There are two main ways that this can be done. The easiest method is to use Horizontal Rule button shown on the right to insert a black line at the cursor location. The line below is an example of the use of such a line.

The more complicated method of creating a rule is by the use of a graphic like the example below. These graphic rulers are usually about 1-2 kilobytes in size and so do not take much time to download off the Internet. It is in fact also possible to save a graphic such as this from any web page to your computer and then use it in another page that you are creating.

Try right clicking you mouse on the stone ruler above and selecting Save Picture as… like the example shown on the right. Save the file to a folder on your hard drive.

Then create a new web page and try inserting the same graphic by clicking the Picture picture button button on the toolbar. This will open a Picture dialog box like the example shown below in which you can enter the graphic file location and name.

More details about inserting graphics can be found in the next section.

save as

picture box