Alignment of Text

There are a number of ways that you can adjust the position or alignment of text on a web page using Internet Assistant. However, it is important to check that these effects display satisfactorily in various browsers and at different screen resolutions. It can sometimes be easier to use tables to control more precisely where the text occurs on a page.

Centering text is done in a similar way to in Word using the Centre center button on the toolbar.

Text can be right aligned using the Right Align button. It is also possible to use the Center Align and Left Align commands on the Format menu to get the same effect.

The Increase Indent increase button indents whole paragraphs of text whilst the Decrease Indent decrease button has the opposite effect.

It is possible to indent and bullet paragraphs using the Bulleteted List bullet button on the toolbar. Unlike with Word, clicking this button a second time does not cancel the bulleting. The way around this is to use the Undo button on the toolbar or to apply the Normal style from the Style Box.

In a similar way, the Numbered List number button creates an indented list of text. This can be canceled using the Normal style from the Style Box.