Changing Font Sizes

It is possible to change the size, type and colour of text on a web page. However, unlike the style feature, different browsers may display these font types in different ways.
The easiest way to change the size of font on a page is to use the Increase and Decrease Font buttons on the toolbar. These look like the examples on the right. Clicking these buttons will change the font from a minimum of 9 points to a maximum of 36 points. Examples of different sizes are shown below.
font button

9 Point

12 Point

18 Point

24 Point

36 Point
It is also possible to adjust selected text using the Font… command on the Format menu (Shortcut keys Ctrl + Shift + F) . This opens a dialog box like the example on the right in which you can select the font colour, size, type and special effects.

The examples below show a number of different combinations of font features that can be used on a web page. However, these font will only display if your computer has the relevant fonts installed - otherwise the closest associated type will display in its place.

font box

Arial 14 Point Blue

Avant Garde 14 Point Red

Comic Sans 14 Point Subscript Magenta

Playbill 14 point Superscript Green

Impact 14 Point Cyanide