Adding Bookmarks

It is often useful to be able to jump to a particular point in a long web page. An example of this is the use of a brief index at the start of a long page with each index term linking to the relevant section further down the page. This feature can be added to a web page using bookmarks.

To create a new bookmark in a page, it is first necessary to move the cursor to the point on the page that you want to mark. You then click the Bookmark button on the toolbar which looks like the example on the right to open a dialog box like the example below. bookmark


In this dialog box you assign a name to the bookmark - this name can not include any spaces. Then click the Add button to insert the mark. It is possible to add as many bookmarks as you like in the page - these can be sorted in the window by Name or Location. You can also use this dialog box to jump directly to a bookmarked location using the Go To button.

To create hyperlinks to a bookmarked site you need to use the Hyperlink dialog box. If the bookmark location is in the same page you will find it already listed in the Bookmark Location in File: drop down box like the example shown below. However, if you want to link to a bookmark in another page you will need to supply both the File or URL: details and enter the bookmark name.