Features of Internet Assistant

Word Internet Assistant is an add on for the standard Microsoft Word software programme. Versions are available for Word 6.0 and Word 7.0 for the PC and Word 6.0 for the Mac. Word 97 now comes with full HTML editing and browsing features and so no additional add in is required. It is not possible to use Internet Assistant if you have not installed Microsoft Word on your computer. This guide will focus on using Internet Assistant for Word 95 - however many of the procedures are common to all the different authoring packages.

Installing Internet Assistant will make a number of changes to the configuration of Word. You will notice that the standard File menu has two additional commands added as shown on the right. These enable you to open any URL and to use Word as a browser to view the World Wide Web.

Internet Assistant also install a new template called HTML.DOT on the hard disk. This template includes a customised toolbar for HTML editing and viewing. Additional commands are also added to the standard Word menus.

The installation also adds a useful help system which can be accessed from the Help menu.