Web page authoring packages

Web pages are therefore a very simple common publishing format. It is possible to create web pages using a number of different approaches.

More experienced programmers tend to "hard code" page using a simple text editor such as Notepad. This involves inserting tags and text in ASCII format into a document which is then saved as a file with an HTM or HTML extension. This requires a good knowledge of all the tags and an understanding of the basic structure of a web page.

Less experienced users tend to create web pages using a WYSIWG (What You See Is What You Get) editor such as Word Internet Assistant. Using these packages one can create a simple web page using a similar approach to writing a word processed document. To create bold text in HTML you would need to type in the tags <BOLD> and </BOLD>. In Word Internet Assistant all you need do is click on the Bold button like the example on the right.

There are also more sophisticated web page development packages such as Front Page 97 and Claris Page Mill. In this guide we will concentrate on the use of Word Internet Assistant which is easy to use, available for both the PC and Mac and is provided free of charge by Microsoft.