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Francistown Senior Secondary School

A Brief history of our School

Fsss1.jpg (43639 bytes)The present Francistown Senior Secondary School,was officially opened in 1978, as a government Junior Secondary School. The first head of the school was Mr. L.B. Gwathe, with a staff of about 15 to 20. The school had an enrollment capacity of of 480 students, with 4 classes of about 160 students in forms one, two and three, respectively.

The school was financed by the world bank through the Botswana government.

It was later converted into a complete Senior Secondary School in 1987, with only two classes: one pure science and the other arts.

Since then the school has grown to about 1200 students with the possibility of going to1600 students in future. The staff has risen from 20 to 60, since the inception of the school.

It currently has 40 industrial class workers, with 6 support staff.  The current running buget is about 2 million pula. The physical infrastructure has since improved and more buildings will be coming up in the forthcoming expansion programme at the tune of 21 million pula.